Zika Also Can Distribute Through Tears

Alongside the distribution of zika virus in Southeast Asia countries, a research in United States have found another facts about zika which can live in human tears. Michael Diamond, professor in Washington University School of Medicine at St Louis have revealed his found after doing few trials at mice.

This trial have been presume to reveal why few patients have get eye disease and in few cases have ended with blindness. The research have been published in Cell Reports Journal and studying about the effect from zika virus in mouse starting from fetus till adult.
Zika Also Can Distribute Through Tears
“The study have show that eyes can become the resevoir for zika,” said Diamond. “We need to consider if people with zika can transmit the virus to their eyes and how long it be there,” continue Diamond.

According to note from this research there is reveal that patient can transmit the virus through their tears. Currently, all the researcher have plan to do another research including to take human which have infected by zika in their trial.

Zika have been know as the disease which give light affect like fever in almost people but if transmitted to pregnant mother it could cause large possibility for babies get born with microsefalus or brain volume disorder.

All the researcher have reveal about one of third babies which infected with zika in fetus can cause eyes disorder like inflammation of the optic nerve, retina malfunction or blindness. In adult people, zika can cause conjunctivitis which also known as pink eyes. In few case which rarely occur, there also found out uveitis, the condition which eyes have inflammation. This can cause the lose of permanent sight.