When Dementia Patients Must Stop Driving?

People with dementia could do everything normally including driving. However, do everything is not mean there aren’t restriction. People with dementia should be know the time when they should be stop driving.

The recently, research team from Macquarie University have do a study for find the perfect time for dementia patients must stop driving. However, the result from this situs poker research is only show the accuracy about 77 percents.
When Dementia Patients Must Stop Driving?
“There is needed many testing tool for more accurate result is the patients with dementia are safe or not to drive and at what time they should stop driving,” said one of the researcher.

Reported by Journal of the American Gerlatrics Society, this researcher from the study have analyze 28 previous study about the relation between driving and cognitive function in people with dementia. The research have also analyze the method which used by the previous study.

In the study, the team have analyze few estimation method like mental status from the participant, driving stimulation test in Teman Poker99 computer system and driving accident record. The researcher is also noticed to doctors, nurses, social workers and other experts to help the driver who have dementia to start lessen their driving in their daily activity but it is better if the patients can stop completely.

“People with dementia have risk 6 times higher to getting car accident if comparing with normal people with similar age,” said the researcher.