Using Excessively, Calcium Supplement Can Give Bad Affect For Heart

Calcium is very important for our bone healthiness and we are frequently gain the calcium from milk or cheese. For someone lack of calcium it can cause bone loss or osteoporosis.

For handle this issue, there are recommended to consume more milk product or calcium supplement. However, there is also be careful to not consume the calcium in excessive amount because the newest study analyze have found the overdose of calcium supplement can destruct our heart.
Using Excessively, Calcium Supplement Can Give Bad Affect For Heart
In the report which published by Journal of the American Heart Association, the 10 years analyze from 2.700 patients have shown the relation between supplement consumption with atherosclerosis or cumulation of plague in artery.

One of the researcher dr Erin Michos from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have said that the study have proven that people should keep consulate with doctor when consuming supplement. This thing have apply to all supplement which known having side effects.

“When we use vitamin or mineral supplement, especially calcium for bone healthiness, many of us have believed that consume more would be better. But with our study we have added a prove that exceeded calcium inside supplement can damage our heart and cadiovascular system,” said dr Erin.

People who have consume calcium more than 1.400 miligram per day have found receive the risk 22 percent higher for atherosclerosis than ordinary people. The most interesting is if the calcium have consumed from food, the risk would decrease about 27 percent lower.

“There is very clear that the difference between how body respond calcium from supplement and food. This could be cause by the supplement can contain calcium salt or maybe our body can’t control the big doze in one time,” said nutrition expert John Anderson from University of North Carolina.