This Study Have Reveal That Consume White Wine Have Related With Skin Cancer Risk

White wine could be very delicious and consume by a lot of people, However, there are a warning from newest study from United States which state togel Singapura that consume white wine can increase the risk of malignant skin cancer or melanoma.

Eunyong Cho, ScD, the dermatology and epidemiology from Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University have said that alcohol is one of component that can cause few cancer disease and melanoma is the newest in that list. Wine, especially white wine can increase the risk for few times although it has only consume in small amount.

“Alcohol have known for long time as carcinogen. However the function to the spread and development from cancer daftar togel cell should be investigated. Especially to the skin cancer which don’t have direct contact with alcohol,” said Cho.
This Study Have Reveal That Consume White Wine Have Related With Skin Cancer Risk
The Cho research have been take to analyze the data from 210.252 participant. They have asked to fill the explanation about the alcohol consumption habit, the place their live and the health history.

The result from this research have publish in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomakers and Prevention journal have said that every glass of white wine which consume can increase the risk of melanoma about 14 percent. This result isn’t find in other liquor or booze like red wine or beer.

The researcher have assumed that the increase is the result from the high rate of acetaldehyde which contained Teman 4D inside the white wine. White wine is also know don’t have any antioxidant like what in red wine.

“However, there is not mean that drink beer or red wine won’t endangered. We still categorize this as one of alcohol group with its consumptions although there is not significant but can increase the risk of melanoma,” said Cho.