This Is the Risk If Patient With Diabetes Don’t Control They Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Diabetes mellitus is a disease which can’t transmit to other person but categorize as dangerous disease. Not only cause by the case which have increase year from year but also the complication risk will occur due to diabetes.

Prof Sidartawan Soegondo, SpPD-KEMD, Proffeson for internal medicine from Medical Faculty of University of Indonesia have said that diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cholesterol is one unity disease which attack our metabolic system. If we only maintain our blood sugar rate, the risk or blood vein complication in other place situs poker would increase.

“If patient with diabetes have only maintain their blood sugar, it would only decrease the risk of microvascular complication. The microvascular have including a neuropathy and retinopathy nerves complication,” said Prof Sidartawan.
This Is the Risk If Patient With Diabetes Don't Control They Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
The controlled blood sugar can decrease the risk of neuropathy nerves malfunction and sight disorders like diabetic retinopathy. However, the other complication risk like heart, kidney and blood vein will occur as long ass the cholesterol and blood pressure is not controlled.

“This name is microvascular, blood pressure and cholesterol. So, the tension and lipid should be also maintained too. There is not only blood sugar only but must all of three components,” said Prof Sidartawan.

The similar thing have also explain by dr Sugito Wonodirekso, PKK, DK from United of Indonesia Family Doctor. In diabetes management, patients Teman Poker99 are only educated about the dangerous of hyperglycaemia by also hypoglycaemia.

At hear, the role of family doctor is very important because they not only treat patient but also giving education about how to keep and maintain this disease to prevent it get worsen and avoid complication klik website.

“Diabetes is very dangerous because the risk of complication could attack every part of our body from below to above. From brain can have stroke, eyes have diabetic retinopathy, step down little is have heart coroner, kidney and fat accumulation in liver. There also still have impotence and wound in feet. So it is need comprehensive treatment,” said dr Sugito.