This Is The Reason Why You Have Not Recommended To Consume Vegetables When Diarrhea

When you have diarrhea, there are a few food which should be avoided to prevent the diarrhea to get worse. One of those foods is a vegetable and few kinds of fruit.

“So if someone in diarrhea, there should not eat vegetable because vegetables have contain a lot of fiber. Fiber is quite fast be digested and would be taken out soon. So when you have diarrhea don’t consume to much fiber,” said Hepi Novlina a doctor from Babadan local clinic at Indramayu.
This Is The Reason Why You Have Not Recommended To Consume Vegetables When Diarrhea
Doctor Hepi is also added that fruits are also have fiber but it is depending on the fruits. Doctor Hepi have said that consume a lot of fiber is not good for someone with diarrhea. The fruits like dragon fruit should be avoided because it can make diarrhea worse. The other food with high fiber is jelly. In the principle, diarrhea is a abnormality from human body digestion. Even though, our body is need the balance and healthy food nutrition.

“Healthy in what? The foods should be hygiene. When diarrhea, our digestion process have problem and there are a lot of bacterium inside our digestion,” said doctor Hepi.

When diarrhea, there are few people have relied on chewing guava leaves. About this method, doctor Bahdar T.Johan. SpPD from Premier Bintaro Hospital have said that chewing guava leaves is not help to cure diarrhea but it is only works for condense our feces so it is more suitable for diarrhea patient first aid.

For the first aid, we can give the patient a guava leaves which have been cleaned. It must be cleaned directly or added with salt. “There is very depending on the diarrhea cause. If due to bacterium inside our digestion there is useless as long as the bacterium is not removed. Guava leaves have contain substance like attapulgite like contained inside carbon and have functioned to condense feces,” said doctor Bahdar.