This Is The Reason Why Women Were Recommended To Have Baby When Reach 21-35 Years Old

When the husband and wife planning to have baby, there are very recommended for the wife have between 21-35 years old. Agency Of Population and National Family Planning or known as BKKBN have revealed the reason.

The head of the agency, Surya Chandra Surapaty have said that woman reproduction cells is still in growth condition when women is under 21 years old. So from that, there are recommended for the women to get married in minimum age about 21 years old. Moreover, there are require a good mental condition and healthy physical body to build a good and happy household.
This Is The Reason Why Women Were Recommended To Have Baby When Reach 21-35 Years Old
After give a birth, said Surya, there are also recommended for women to keep the distance of the birth between 3-5 years for the next birth. Why? There should be known by everyone especially for women that women who have become mothers should have do Early Suckle initiative or known as IMD which will follow with baby suckle program till the baby reach 2 years old. With giving breast milk, kids would be growth up healthy, smart and strong.

“After reach 35 years old, women must stop to have get pregnant and give birth because the reproduction cells have starting to weaker and would quite hard. Beside that it also can trigger a complication when giving birth. There are a survey which show the highest death rate on the pregnant mother who give birth under 18 years old and above 39 years old. So, the reproduction period is only 14 years. If divided into 5 years, then 2 children is enough. Boy or girl is similar in this modern day,” said Surya.

This message have said in “Keluarga Peduli Kesehatan Reproduksi” seminar at Kartika Chandra Hotel, Jakarta. According to data from Total Fertility Rate until today there is still stagnant on the position 2.6 children per women in their fertility period. Even though, the most ideal position is 2.1.

Surya have also agreed that both of husband and wife have realized from this program which shown with decrease of the index about 3 point from TFR in 1970 which reach 5.6. He also reminder, the Family Planning Program is very needed by carrying 2 children enough principle. Because, if the population growth can’t be controlled then it would be over limit population and it would problem if there are not enough food to fulfill the population need.

“We must build a family based on planning, must be planned not cause by accident. Therefore the reason why a teenager have a GenRe Program which educated both of student in school age about human reproduction system. We have also build Teenager Consultation and Information Center. We also don’t forget to give training which manage by BKKBN,” close Surya.