The Reason Why Skinny Man Can Have Diabetes Too

Diabetes and other various disease in cardiovascular system have identically have by them who have over body weight. In reality, there is not like that. From the research which have been done by Cambridge University to 200.000 persons have shown the are genetics variation which can determine is someone body have keep more fat situs poker under skin or not.

Totally, there are 53 difference genetic variations which prevent body for keeping the fat under the skin. In these persons, fat which getting inside the body have keep around important organs like liver, pancreas as well as muscle or carried in blood veins.
Even though, if body without this capability, the fat would be keep around vital organs, body become resistance to insulin hormone which have duty for manage our sugar blood rate. In the end it will increase the risk of various disease like diabetes type 2, heart attack and stroke.

According to researchers, the reason behind why skinny man and don’t like to much for eating still attacked by diabetes type 2 and why fat person don’t have this disease. Global data have shown that only 43 percents diabetes patients who have obesity and other 43 percents have over weight. However, people with diabetes Teman Poker99 and have ideal posture have reach for 14 percents.

Added by researcher, more than 20 percents population with most genetic variation, the risk of diabetes have increase about 39 percents if compare with 20 percents population with lowest genetic risk.

“This study have shown the important for keeping fat under skin as reserve genetic due to exceeded food consumptions and lack of physical training,” said one of researcher Dr Luca Lotta. However, thats not mean someone who born with this various genetics should be down. Researcher have also said that healthy food consumptions method and have training routinely can help you to keep the balance of sugar blood inside the body apart from how much body weight.