The Myths About Hepatitis C Which Often Believed

Hepatitis C is a chronic disease which can become quite dangerous if not handle well. Beside that, the disease is frequently don’t show any symptoms for the patient who have diagnose with hepatitis C to have early treatment.

There are few myths about hepatitis C which frequently believed by people,

    Hepatitis C patients have refrained from food
    “If there are ask about permission for eating meat? or eating ice cream? There allowed but as long as not in excessive amount,” said dr Irsan Hasan, SpPD, KGEH from Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital.

    According to him, hepatitis C patient it refrained to consume some foods. Patients can keep consume everything as long as the food have contain antioxidant which working well for human body.
    The Myths About Hepatitis C Which Often Believed
    Sexual intercourse is the main cause from Hepatitis C
    Having sex intercourse carelessly is admitted can cause hepatitis especially hepatitis C. However sex intercourse is not become the main cause for hepatitis. “There is correct, unsafety sex intercourse can cause hepatitis but the case is very small so sex intercourse is not the main reason which trigger hepatitis, said dr Irsan

    Hepatitis C can be prevent with vaccinations
    Till today, there still not vaccinations can prevent hepatitis C. According to dr Irsan, vaccinations for hepatitis is only available for hepatitis A and B. “For vaccinations C, there still not found. There are definitely have given to baby or kids,” said dr Irsan

    Hepatitis C transmitted through casual contact
    There are untrue if hepatitis C can transmit through casual contact like shake hands or holding hands. Hepatitis C is only can transmit using blood contact like blood transfusion or the usage of private tools like razor, toothbrush or other tools which probability of blood from hepatitis C get into other person blood.

    “There won’t be transmitted with used of same plate or spoon. Beside that, the risk of the transmission is quite small about 1 percen,” said dr Irsan.

    Only the napza users can have hepatitis C
    Hepatitis C is correctly can transmit through injection needle which unsterilized. That is the reason why the disease is very identically with drug or napza addict. “In youngster, there is right if the napza users susceptible for getting hepatitis C due to the used of unsterilized injection needle.,” said Prof DR Dr David Handojo Muljono SpPD, Finasim, PhD from Hepatitis Task Force.

    If getting hepatitis A infection, there would be also bring hepatitis B and C
    Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E is not meaning the level for the disease but is the sign of virus variety. The cause and symptoms is different each other. “There is only the name. There still undefined would cause hepatitis B or C,” said dr Irsan.