The Importance From Holiday For Husband Before And After Wife Give Birth

There is very normal for every working woman to have breaks from their work before and after gave birth. However, don’t ever that breaks from work before and after wife give birth is also important for husband.

Clinical psychology from Three Generation Clinic, Sri Juwita Kusumawardhani MPsi have said that there were very important for husband have gain breaks before and after his wife gave birth. The goal is for giving support to wive.
The Importance From Holiday For Husband Before And After Wife Give Birth
“When give a birth, the mother should receive a support to through the birth process. After give birth, wife physical condition won’t recover soon,” said dr Wita. According to dr Wita, there should be wise if husband have accompany his wife to help in take care the baby and give support for wife. The support from husband can become additional energy for mother.

“There is mean that breaks for husband is not important for wife but also for their baby. Related to baby, with have a break, father can get along in take care the baby,” said the woman who have practice in advance psychology clinic at University of Indonesia.

With that, child can learn that they main nanny is not mother but also father. Beside that, when child have close relation with father there are positive effect for kids. The example is, they would be more confident and have a figure to be followed.

Talking about mother maternity breaks, Wita have revealed that the duration from maternity leave which longer can help mother would closer. With this, mother would be easier in understanding the metabolism rhythm and baby habit. Beside that with longer breaks, mother can reduce her stress level which have great influence in her breast milk producing.

“When mother have worked, stress could be increase either from the workload, relation with boss or other colleagues and the trip which mother spend from going to work till go back home with tend to be very exhausting,” said Wita