Teenagers In England Have Consume About 9 Kilos Sugar Each Year From Sweat Drinks

The new study which published by Cancer Research UK have reveal the data that make many expert surprised. The Researcher have found, the teenagers with age from 11 to 18 years old have given the freedom to consume sweat drinks everyday by their parents are tend to consume 235 cans per box of sugary drinks every year.

It can be described that the amount of sweat drinks have about 77 liters and can fill up the one bathtub with the contained sugar about 8,2-9 kilograms. That is not including the sugar from sweat snacks.
Teenagers In England Have Consume About 9 Kilos Sugar Each Year From Sweat Drinks
The sugar have been admitted by many medical expert as one of new toxic for human body if consume in exceeded amount. If adult have consume the amount which have been describe before, then the teenagers have consume 3 times of sugar from the recommended amount.

The more surprising is the researcher have also found the toddler starting from 18 months to 3 years old have drink sweat drinks about 70 cans per box per year either it from sweat milk, packaging fruit juice or other sweat drinks.

The exceeded consumptions of sugar have become the main cause of obesity in kids and toddler. Obesity have been related with the decrease of mental and physical health like confident, diabetes type 2, stunted growth and some have risk for cancer.

Because obesity have been define as disease, so parents have recommended to take prevention step to make kids stay away from the habits which directed to the increase of exceeded weight.

Allison Cox, the researcher from Cancer Research have said that the study have covered soft sugary drinks, juice, energy drinks, sweat tea, coffee, milk and sports drinks. She have recommended for the government to starting consider the tax for sweat and sugary drinks to press the consumptions especially kids.