Soon, Breast Cancer Can be Checked With Blood Examination

Cancer generally hard to be detected till it has bump or other physical change. But from time to time, researcher have try to innovate the fastest way to detect this deadly disease.

This new innovation have been invented by Australian National University which collaborated with few researcher from France. The innovation would help me medic to examine the breast cancer through blood examination.

According one of researcher, Dr Illa Tea, if observed with carefully, the sample from body tissues can be shown from isotope named carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 in certain proportion. These isotopes is appear naturally and can make into direction is the breast tissues in someone have cancer or healthy.
Soon, Breast Cancer Can be Checked With Blood Examination
“The hope, in future we can develop this medic application which can detect the change the isotope proportion which appear in blood and indicated there are cancer,” said Tea. The head of this researcher team, Prof. Guillaume Tcherkez added that the main goal from this research is for saving many people lives. With minimum method, this biomarker can give earlier diagnosis alongside with monitoring the existing of breast cancer efficiently.

“The test would be easier and not too much invasive if compare to other test like biopsy,” said Guillaume.

Even so, Tcherkez have said that the test could be available in next 10 years due to that is minimum time which need by researcher for prove their theory about this test. But, if the examination have been available, the test could be become alternate detection method would be more invasive including mammogram.

The blood examination could be the best method to determine bacteria or virus infections but for cancer, blood examination is not enough for detect cancer inside someone body. Before this researcher, there are researcher from England which revealed, the routine blood can help to detect the risk of ovary cancer.

If the cancer can be detected earlier, the rate of patient prognosis could be better, even can decrease the rate of death risk due to this cancer.