Scientist Have Revealed New Organs In Human Body

The scientist have learning for long time about how human body works, but biology still keeping a lot of mystery. This newest, scientist have found a new organ inside human digestion system. In have convinced that our body is not mapped completely.

This new organ have been known previously and is not really new finding. For hundreds year this organ have been called as mesentery. The famous painter and inventor from Italy, Leonardo DaVinci have also included this part into human anatomy.

Nevertheless, for this long time, mesentery have been presume as the membrane network which fragmented with our digestion system so there is not called as organ. This assumption have become debate after Dr J. Calvin Coffey, the surgeon from Ireland have revealed the prove that mesentery is a single sustainable structure not in pieces.

According to his finding and published in The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology journal, Coffey have said that the classification for mesentery as a organ is very important. Mesenteri have connected small intestine into digestive tract. More specified, this organs have starting from pancreas, then covering small intestine and colon. Because its function is holding entrails, then without mesentery, other organs inside stomach wont working properly.

“If mesentery it not unify the stomach very well like it must, so it can disturb the blood supply. That because blood supply can stop and small intestine will necrosis or died,” said Coffey. If the scientist can prove this finding by revealing further about this uncommon function of mesentery, then it would be easier to understand how it effect with the disease.

The finding of 79th human organ would revise text books about human body anatomy which used by medical students around the world.