Recognize The Different Of Diabetes On Fatty And Skinny Person

Diabetes Melitus can attack anyone, either they are fatty or skinny. Even so, the expert have explained that diabetes between fatty and skinny person is quite different.

In the 33th World Congress of Internal Medicine 2016 which held at Nusa Dua, Bali, Prof Sidartawan Soegondo who is the professor of internal disease from Medical Faculty of University of Indonesia have explain diabetes have become a disease which threaten everybody. The threat from diabetes is not only happen to fat person but also skinny person.

“There are a research which compare diabetes at Asia and Europe-America. In the research, there are explained that the patient from Europe-America are majority have fatty posture when in Asia is are skinny,” said Prof Sidartawan.
Recognize The Different Of Diabetes On Fatty And Skinny Person
Explained by Prof Sidartawan, the patient in Europe-America generally have fat body because the patient have already reach insulin resistance. The patients who have experience the resistance would have problem with insulin which produce by pancreas can’t process glucose inside blood to become energy.

In other words, patients with insulin resistance have adequate insulin either in quantity and quality because the pancreas have working properly. “The only problem is the insulin can’t work properly, so although the amount have enough but with the high sugar rate inside blood the insulin can’t process very well,” said Prof Sidartawan.

On the diabetes at Asia there are tend happen to skinny person and person with normal weight. This diabetes can be said was happen due to low insulin production in pancreas or generally known as deficiency insulin.

“Diabetes on skinny person is vice-versa with fat person. The insulin could working normally but with the amount which less than normal so is not enough to process all the sugar inside blood,” said one of experienced doctor in Indonesia.

He have also said that sample for Asia’s diabetes patients have taken from Japan, South Korea and China. There still don’t similar research in Indonesia, but Prof Sidartawan still ask people to checking blood sugar especially if you have the risk which inheritance from parents.

“Fat or skinny, if the parents have diabetes record there should be examination although you only 20 years old. Because we don’t know when diabetes would attack or maybe you have get pre-diabetes,” said Prof Sidartawan.