Psoriasis Patients Should Stop Consume Alcohol

To lessen the symptoms and supporting the treatment, psoriasis patients should have healthy eat style. One of stuffs that should be avoided and prohibited is consume the drinks which contain alcohol.

Dr. Zairida Noor, Ms, SpGK from RSCM/FKUI have said that few research have prove that consume alcohol can trigger psoriasis. “The patient which have consume alcohol continuously when have psoriasis therapy have greater chance of the therapy would be failed. So, there is not only lessen agen Sbobet but prohibited,” said Zairida.
Zairida explain that the contents inside alcohol can interact with the psoriasis drugs which can failed the therapy. Beside alcohol, there are few foods which can trigger that auto immune disease which attack human skin.

However, according to Dr Zairida that is very individualist. Seafood as the example, there are few person can have psoriasis by consuming seafood especially for person who have allergy to seafood like shrimp and squid. Those foods have also greater chance for increase cholesterol which can bring out red mark in psoriasis patient skin.

Consume too many chili or condiment is also suspect can trigger psoriasis. For handle it, psoriasis patients are recommend to write every food which after consumed have trigger psoriasis. As the example, if every consume condiment or chili have the psoriasis symptoms then patients should minimize the chili or the best is avoid to consume it.

Surely, according to Zairida, psoriasis patients should consume food with good nutrition balancing. Don’t get overweight Sbobet Mobile because can worsen psoriasis. Psoriasis is chronic inflammation which attack skin and have auto immune. Generally, psoriasis have signed with red mark in skin and dry like scaly. Psoriasis can appear in every part of body depending on the type and its severity level.