Person With These Criteria Are More Fragile For Getting Stroke

The risk for getting stroke can be experienced by everybody. However, there are few people with special criteria who said are more fragile for getting a stroke.

Dr Muhammad Rhadian Arief, SpBS from Medistra Hospital have said that stroke is a complication from other disease and not a main disease. So, people who fragile to gain a strike is a person who have the risk factor from stroke. This factor is also categorize into two categorize which is able to be controlled and unable.
Person With These Criteria Are More Fragile For Getting Stroke
“The able to control like obesity with diet, high cholesterol with having healthy food, high blood pressure with medicine. The factor unable to control is like inheritance and vascular disorders in brain which come in weak condition since born,” said dr Rhadian Arief.

Dr Rocksy Fransisca, SpS from Siloam Hospital, Jakarta have said that stroke can attack everyone body who have the risk factor. He added that the risk factor which frequently meet is high blood pressure, smoke obesity.

Related with age which fragile to have stroke, dr Rizaldy Pinzon, MMes, SpS from Bethesda Hospital, Yogyakarta have said that there are change in the trend of age which have a stroke. The most familiar age which found have get a stroke for current day is about 30-40 years old. From the patients report, there found out about 16 percents from 4500 patients stroke have aged below 65 years old.

While, dr Andra explained that the patients who attacked by stroke in young age is cause by modern lifestyle which consume unhealthy food. Along his practice, dr Andra have found the youngest patient who have stroke due to high blood pressure is 21 years old when the stroke due to vascular disorders is found on toddler patients.