Not Make Fresh, Having More Sleep Time In Weekend Have Us Sluggish

There nothing gain from adding our sleeping time at the weekend. There are a lot of people still presume that adding sleeping time at weekend to replace the losing time in working day. But for the sleeping time there is not very easy.

Research team from Karolinska Institute, Sweden have claimed that adding sleeping time at Saturday or Sunday could endanger our health. The effects can be receive by our body which the most general case is more fatique than we don’t have slept.
Not Make Fresh, Having More Sleep Time In Weekend Have Us Sluggish
“The key in one our circadian rhythm. So if you have sleep at late night. This will make you have some of jet lag,” said one of the researcher Susanna Jernelov who is also a psychologist. Jernelov have also explain about if someone have continously sleep late night or adding sleeping time in weekend, the can disturb our sleeping time. Even according to Jernelov, although it has only do once, adding sleeping time can cause jet lag which mean we will looks more tired and unfit.

The claim from Susanna Jernelov have also approved by sleeping expert from University of Bergen, Norway, Bjorn Bjorvatn. “You should be have wake up and leave the bed in similar time every day, that is the key,” said Bjorvatn.

If this have been disturb, it means someone have suddenly awake in middle or night, the rhythm would change. When it have change, there are need a lot of time to make it back to normal. Moreover if it have happen frequently and continuously.

Last year, The study which have published in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism have also connect between sleeping in weekend with the high risk of diabetes and heart disease to people who continuously do it.

This risk have cause by the change of sleeping format can influence fat levels of triglycerides and good cholesterol in blood. When you sleeping format have change, triglycerides could increase and decrease good cholesterol. People with changing sleeping time have also tend to increase body weight.