Newest Diabetes Medicine Have Minimize The Effect Of Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is the condition which is sugar level in our blood have decrease below the normal level or about 70 mg/dL. Its frequently cause dizziness, fainting, and even death to the patient.

Hypoglycemia is cause by the lack of the food consumption, exceeded physical activity daftar togel and exceeded consumption of medicine for decrease the blood sugar in short period. Most of the symptoms is dizziness, limp, a cold sweat, tremble and fast beating heart.

There are few type of medication for control the blood sugar level either the oral form or injection which have different way in working. Until now, metformine which working for make our cell to become more responsive to insulin have become the first line for diabetes medication.
Newest Diabetes Medicine Have Minimize The Effect Of Hypoglycemia
The newest innovation in diabetes treatment is the oral medicine which call as DPP-4 Inhibitor. This medicine have few pros than previous generation. According to dr. Benny Santosa, this medicine is working in blocking the DPP-4 enzyme for activating hormone incretine inside bowel which help pancreas the production of insulin and stop liver produce glucose. With prevented the DPP-4, incretin can be functioned more effective until the blood sugar level have been decrease.

“The medicine is very effective because it can minimize the risk of Hypoglycemia until 4 times lower than previous generation,” said dr. Benny.

Added by dr. Suria Nataatmaja, Medical Affairs Director MSD, DPP-4 like Sitagliptin have togel Singapura been proven in the research for 4 years in more than 14.000 patients that safety for patients with kidney or heart disorders.

“In many countries this medicine have been available since 3-5 years ago. But in Indonesia that is just available,” said Suria.

Sitagliptin is the new medicine which consist combination of metformine and there is enough to consume once per day so there are hope that patients would be more discipline in consume the medicine. “For the time can be anytime and there is better in similar time,” said Suria.

Otherwise, dr. Benny have reminder the importance for change the lifestyle for diabetes patients Teman 4D which is healthy diet and physical activity. “What is the medicine as long as there are not change in lifestyle, the result won’t be optimize,” said dr. Benny.