Let’s Know About Psoriasis, The Disease Which Make Our Skin Scaly

Psoriasis could be not much familiar and unpopular for us if compare to other disease. But at least, psoriasis have been started to known after Kim Kardashian confess that she have that disease. Coincided with The World Psoriasis, let’s we get know about this disease.

The Head of dermatology Pediatric Division from Department of Skin and Sex Health Study of RSCM/FKUI, dr. Gita Rahmayunita, SpKK explained that psoriasis daftar togel is the skin disease cause by autoimmune. Like other autoimmune disease, till today the cause of the disease still unknown.
Let's Know About Psoriasis, The Disease Which Make Our Skin Scaly
“But the most clearly is the cause by the division and maturation of skin cell which faster then normal skin cell,” said Gita. Psoriasis signed with the appear of red scaly mark. There are few type psoriasis according to its shape and the area of its spread, like psoriasis vulgaris in plague form, psoriasis gutata which like droplets form, psoriasis inverse togel Singapura which appear in skin fold, psoriasis pustular which in acne form and psoriasis eritroderma which have red color and scaly in whole body.

Psoriasis can have in yearly period which mean the patients could have this disease for whole they life. “But if there are some remission and relapse back without any clear cause. With proper medication, the disease can be controlled,” said Gita.

Quote from WorldPsoriasisday.com, prevalence of psoriasis in the world have reached about 125 millions people. In Indonesia, there still don’t have any detail data about psoriasis patients. however, The Department of Skin and Sex Health Study of RSCM/FKUI have recorded 71 new psoriasis case in 2015. The disease it frequently found on people with age range from 15 to 30 years old. But, there are about 10 percents have appear on age below 10 years old.

Not Transmitted Disease
Gita have said that psoriasis is not transmitted disease. It is just that the patients Teman 4D have often shame because this disease can be seen clearly from our skin. Although not categorize as deadly disease, psoriasis can give effect into the patients life starting from their economic and social life.

Patients who have psoriasis frequently become unconfindent, sleep disorders, hard in workplace and some of them have depression. For that, there is need the support from family, nearest person and people around the patient who know the patient