Is Protein Bar Effective For Diet Snacks?

A pack of protein bar have been assume as the safe choice when diet with hope that the snack can fulfill us faster and longer than other snack. With that assume, many people have think that protein bar can help them to accomplish their diet program.

“But there is fact that most protein bar is don’t contain as much as protein we need,” said Brian St Pierre, RD, CSCS who is Director of Nutrition Performance in Presisi Nutrition.
Is Protein Bar Effective For Diet Snacks?
“Without enough protein, the snacks can’t fulfill our hungry for long time,” said him. In few case, the protein bar even working reverse which car trigger our appetite to consume the second or third pack.

Beside that, protein bar have contain twice amount carbohydrate than protein. By consuming this continuously, you can make a leap in your blood sugar. “Human body is not need insulin in order to process protein, but there is different with carbohydrate. The leap in carbohydrate can trigger the rise of insulin’s production. If this have happened then our body would get hungry faster” said Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, the manager from nutrition service in Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.

“So, protein bar with high carbohydrate inside is not perfect choice for diet,” said Kirkpatrick.

On other side, St Pierre have recommended to choose protein bar with minimum 15 gram protein inside our 20 gram for the most ideal composition. We also should avoid the bar which contain fat more than half amount of protein contained inside the bar. If you have the bar have protein about 20 gram than the fat should not contain more than 10 gram.

“You shouldn’t forget for fiber. The most proper composition is about 3 to 5 gram,” said Kirkpatrick. Those amount could make the protein bar can help you in diet because it can keep us full for longer time, strengthen our bowel and of course, help our diet.