If Not Processed Properly, Red Meat Could Trigger Cancer

Red meat is one of our main source for protein and good iron. However, if not processed properly, red meat could trigger cancer.

According to nutrition specialist doctor from togel Singapura Kemang Medical Care Hospital, dr Verawati S SpGK, the improperly process in cooking red meat is definitely can trigger a cancer. One of that is process the meat with roast and grill.

“In the process, roasted or grilled meat can spill something to fire and then up back to the meat again. This would trigger the Hydrocarbon polycyclic aromatic or know as HPA. HPA is one of cause from cancer,” said dr Vera.

Beside that, the red meat have already contain some cancer risk if consume daftar togel in uncontrollable amount and exceeded from the safe consumption limit. This because the muscle fibers in red meat have contain a lot of corpuscle and that is very bad for our body which can also trigger cancer.

“If white meat, there is not contain a lot of corpuscle. The safest is fish,” said dr Vera.

For process the meat, compare roast or grill, dr Vera have recommended to toasted. If want to roasted or grilled there would be better if using the method in process satay. Dr Vera is also noted that we may not consume the part of meat Teman 4D which have crusty or burnt.

“Consuming the part which have crusty or burned is also can trigger cancer. There is okay if toasted but don’t be directly exposed by fire because the fat won’t be directly contacted with fire and get up again,” said dr Vera.