Get Slimmer With Walking

Walking could the most underrated training or activity by everyone. Even through, if we get this sports routinely it can be very healthy for our body like accelerate our blood vein and for slimming our body.

Many of people have preferred running for their cardio training. Run have gave a lot of benefits, but they who have just started physical exercise, walking is more recommended. Not only can be done at anywhere, we also only require to walk few miles to gain benefit from this exercise. Beside that, walking is also can be done by everyone which quite different with jogging which prohibited for everyone who have in obesity condition.
Get Slimmer With Walking
Three years ago, Paquale Brocco have weight about 274 kg. He want to reduce his weight and doctor have recommended to have walking as his exercise. He then make the everyday target for himself which push him to have walking about 1 mil to and from the store every time he want to buy a snacks.

“Few time in one day I have going to that store three times and without I realize, I have walking for about more than 9 km. I do that frequently,” said Paquale.

Beside frequently walking, Brocco is also starting to concern on his meal. He also register himself to gym to start weightlifting training. Now his weight have reduce to about 136 kg. The other success story from make walking as physical exercise have also said by Joey from his personal Instagram, The_Walking_Joey have shown his habit to have walking to reduce his weight. In a year, his weight have lose from 299 kg to 104 kg.

Walking can become the training choice for you who like to maintain the ideal body weight and shape. Don’t forget to have using comfortable footwear.