Don’t Underestimated Sore Throat In Your Kids, It Can Fatal

For adult, sore throat is frequently presume as light health issue. But it is quite different for baby or kids. Parents are recommended to consult with doctor.

This is said by pediatrician from Dr Soetomo Regional Hospital at Surabaya, dr. Meta Hanindita, SpA. According to the pediatrician, most of the sore throat on kids is cause by virus which can be cured himself. But there is not mean we should underestimated it.
Don't Underestimated Sore Throat In Your Kids, It Can Fatal
“In few cases, kids would throw ups and don’t want to drink or eat anything which can cause dehydration. This dehydration condition is the most dangerous issue,” said dr Meta. Beside that, dr Meta added that if the cause is bacterium then it is should be handled soon because it can cause heart disease and kidney complication.

The most important thing, when the kids have sore throat, parents should have give kids a lot of liquid or water to drink. Special for baby, keep trying to breastfed.

“Because for kids it would be very painful and they won’t have any drink or eat but this is very risky for them to have dehydration. Moreover if the throat have made kids throw ups continuously. Everything is very depending on your kids condition,” said dr Meta.

Special for sore throat which cause by bacterium infection, then it can’t be cured by itself. For that, parents is better take the kids to pediatrician to get antibacterium medicine.