Don’t Delay To Check Hepatitis B In Pregnant Mom Because It Can Be Transmitted To Fetus

The biggest fear from pregnant mother is have got a disease and transmitted to her baby. One of disease which frequently haunted is hepatitis B. Is it right, hepatitis B can transmitted from mother it her fetus?

According to dr Khanisyah Erza Gumilar, SpOG, disease transmission to fetus can be happen if the pregnant mom have got hepatitis B. This transmission have occurred in 90 percents women who have positive HBeAg. HBeAg is a acronym from Hepatitis B envelope Antigen which shown us there are infectious condition or not.
Don't Delay To Check Hepatitis B In Pregnant Mom Because It Can Be Transmitted To Fetus
“If HBeAg have shown a positive result then the most ideal is re-check HBV DNA. There should be ensure the total amount of the virus. Unfortunately, this kind of examination is still constrained by fund issue. HBV DNA examination is not covered by Government Health Insurance,” said dr Khanisyah.

Beside that, the transmission to fetus is happen to pregnant mother with third trimester of hepatitis B infection. This infection is rate as acute infection which frequently appear with few special symptom like fever, the loss of appetite, nausea and yellowing skin.

“There is very clear if the risk of the transmission to fetus is quite big for pregnancy with hepatitis B,” said specialist in obstetrics and gynecology from Dr Soetomo Hospital’s fetomaternal division.

If baby have already transmitted with hepatitis B when in uterus then they still need to receive hepatitis B vaccine. However, according to dr Khaninsyah the process of infection transformation to become chronic in baby, toodle and kids below 5 years old is faster then adult.

Before, dr Irsan Hasan, SpPD, KGEH from Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital have ever explained that newborn baby is very important to receive hepatitis B vaccine. “If the mother have hepatitis B, then the baby must receive the vaccine in 12 hours after their born. Due to that, mother should known exactly her condition,” said dr Hasan