Don’t Be Wrong! This 5 Habit When Bath Can Harm Your Health

Bath is one of most important daily activity for body health. Unfortunately there are a lot of mistake about this activity. The mistakes in long time is believe that can influence the condition of the healthiness completely. Due to that, there are recommended for you understand the habit and change if your habit can harm your health.

There are few wrong habit when bath which can be affected to health.

  1. Bath Using Sponge
    Using sponge when bath to wash our skin can help us for scrape the dead skin and cleanse our body in better way. However, when you are rarely replace it it can be harmful for our health. A study which published by Epidemiology & Infection have revealed that dead skin cells which let pile up can Sbobet Mobile become the place which bacteria grow in sponge. There are not possible the bacteria have move to our skin.
  2. Don't Be Wrong! This 5 Habit When Bath Can Harm Your Health

  3. Always using Warm Water
    Although more comfortable, bath using warm water frequently can harm our skin natural humidity. In longer time, the skin would dried and have risk to become itchy. Warm water told can remove the skin natural oil in your skin. This oil is the best humidifier which need to be treated properly.
  4. Longer Bath Time, Healthier
    There are a lot of people presume that have longer bath time which spended by us would make our skin cleaner and healthier. In fact that bathing for longer time can influence our skin humidity. There are recommended to have bath not too long and as it needs.
  5. Dry The Skin With Rubbing
    When dry our body using towel, avoid to use it in a hurry and roughly. Because by using it roughly could make the skin drier. The skin healthy expert, Joel Schlessinger, MD have explained that rubbing the skin roughly with towel can make our skin irritated. There are recommended that dry the body by slapping or press with towel for ensure the water absorbed by the towel.
  6. Skin Moisturizer after Skin Dry
    If you have using moisturizer after bath is better don’t wait after body dry completely to apply it. According Schlessinger, using moisturizer as soon as possible after bath because that is the best moment that our skin pores are still opened. If you pending or wait after skin have completely dry, the moisturizer agen Sbobet won’t absorbed perfectly by our skin and the effectiveness will decrease.