Don’t Be Afraid, Let’s Have Early Detection For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of cancer type which can detected early. Unfortunately, many women have obeyed this. This could be a reason why many breast cancer have detected in advance stage. A lot of women have reasoned to be afraid have early detection because they don’t prepare with the fact if they have a cancer. One of breast cancer survivor which from Lovepink Community, Dede Garcia told that this perception should change.
Don't Be Afraid, Let's Have Early Detection For Breast Cancer
There still a lot of women who still don’t know about the recovering success rate which quite high if treat since early stage. “Don’t be afraid. There is better to detect it in early stage then detect it when it have reach stage 3 or stage 4,” said Dede in Lovepink Care Center.

Dede have explained that if cancer can be detected earlier, the treatment could easier, faster and cheaper. The patients could not have radiation therapy, not too much chemotherapy, even there could possible the breast shouldn’t be removed.

There also need to know, after get the cancer and fully recovered, the life would be back to normal. Even, it could better by undergo healthy life style. The most simple way for early detection by SADARI, the abbreviation from Check Breast By Yourself or in Indonesia Periksa Payudara Sendiri. Sadari can be started since the women have menstruation and routine once every month.

According to Dede, for women who under 30 years old have started to check through USG routinely. For above 30 years old there could use mammography for the examination. “In beginning I am afraid. I have afraid because the mammography is quite hurt but there not need to afraid because it should be taken,” said Dede.