Be Careful, Insomnia Can Invite A Lot Of Diseases

Insomnia is one of issue which cause someone hard to starting felt to sleep or maintain their sleep like wake up in the middle of night. There are insomnia which only have take few days but there are few insomnia in chronic condition would take a long time.

The disturbance when sleep can’t be see lightly. Doctor from Sleep Disturbance Clinic in Dr. Sardjita General Goverment Hospital, Yogyakarta, dr. Astuti Sp.S (K) said if insomnia is allowed continuously can invite a lot of disease.
Be Careful, Insomnia Can Invite A Lot Of Diseases
Astuti explain that sleep is a biologic active proses which the specific hormone produce when sleep. There are melatonin hormone or sleep hormone which secreted from our body at night when sleep. Then there are a growth hormone which have function for body growth and the last is the hormone for repairing our body damage cells after used for days. When sleep, body including brain have a rest.

“So if not have sleep, there could make a mess which can decrease the body immune. The risk is someone will have easier to attack by disease because imperfect biologic process,” explain Astuti.

With this, insomnia have made someone have sleep less can increase the risk of many diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and mental disorders. Astuti describe when someone have sleep less, ghrelin and leptin hormone would unbalanced. The production of leptin or hormone for suppress our appetite would produce less than ghrelin which a hormone for trigger our appetite.

“If the ghrelin have increase then the appetite would be followed increase and can cause the obesity, metabolic disorders, lipid disorders then the insulin which produce by pancreas cell would not have enough quality in control the sugar we eat, so the risk have become higher,” said Astuti.

Lack of sleep, Astuti continue, can trigger inflammation reaction and degeneration from cell will be faster which can trigger other disease which attack organs in our body like heart and kidney.