Bacterium In Bowel Can Influence Our Weight

Few new research have found a relation between bacterium inside our bowel with obesity. The researchers have said that microbe have made human bowel as their home have taking role in weight, metabolism even cholesterol. So, how the bacterium can influence our weight?

Human bowel have become the house for millions of microorganisms, collectively they have been called as bowel’s flora or bowel’s microbiote which live along with us and helping in digest a food even have take role to decrease inflammation, prevent heart disease and keeping our digestion system healthiness.
Bacterium In Bowel Can Influence Our Weight
With this, the research have also found the composition for bowel’s flora, including bowel bacterium type and concentration in every person bowel can influence the person against disease like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

The conclusion is 4,6 percents from difference in body fat can be tracked into the influence of bowel bacterium.

Patricia I. Ojeda, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Medical Fellow in University of Chicago have reviewing this topic detailed and have also stated that if you realized whatever the food we consume would convert the bacterium inside the bowel and that is how our body process the food.

Ojeda have also said, bacterium inside bowel have played in body metabolism because some have managed energy extraction from our diet. Bowel’s bacterium is also can manage resolution of the food including how body process carbohydrate, sugar and food fats.

Bowel’s bacterium is related to bowel hormone which manage our appetite and how fast the food move through bowel. In its relation with obesity, researcher is still looking for the impact from bowel’s bacterium in metabolism process which can be breakthrough in treatment and prevention against obesity.

According to Ojeda, in next few years, researcher should able offered new innovation in medics by transform microbiote inside our bowel.