Backpain Can be Sign For This 5 Serious Problems

Backpain can be experienced by anyone. Generally it cause by sprained or tensed muscle. Backpain is frequently can be disappear by itself without need to visiting doctor. However, according to Assistant Clinical Professor in Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center, Allen Chen, MD, there are few possibility that backpain in not ordinary problem.

If you have backpain with these few problem, there are a a problem in our healthiness,

  1. Cauda Equina Syndrome
    Backpain in below part is the signal for Cauda Equina syndrome. This syndrome is the unique disorders which influence nerve roots in backbone below parts. If not handle as fast as possible, Cauda Equina sydnrome can cause disability, problem in bladder and bowel until sexual problem.
  2. Backbone Tumor
    People who backpain generally can adjust their sleeping position to lighten the pain. However, there are few people who can’t lighten the backpain after adjusting their sleeping position which will continue feel the pain all night. If that happened, then you should warning if there are possibility the tumor in backbone or infection in backbone.
  3. Heart Attack
    If you hard to identify the location of the pain in your back and happen suddenly can become the signal from heart attack. According to American Heart Association, heart attack can cause the pain which spread from chest to back. You should go to doctor soon if have that pain especially if there accompanied with blown, nausea, pain in jaw and incredible lack of fatigue.
  4. Backbone Inflammation
    Backpain can be the symptom for ankylosing spondylitis or inflammation in backbone. If the pain have feel more than 30 minutes and worsen even hard to move, you should start questioning the possibility of other problem. Don’t ignored the symptoms because it can be signal of the increase of the risk from heart disease and pain.
  5. Backbone Fracture
    The fracture of backbone can cause the pain on back. Especially if you have experience accident or diagnose with osteopenia or osteoporosis previously. The fracture of backbone can make the body posture stooped, digestion problem and hard to breath. You could be need the physical therapy after medication.