Baby Which Birth With Cesarean Is More Risky For Obesity

A research have found, babies who have birth through cesarean tend to have obesity in their childhood. The risk have increase till they get adult. This research have stated by a researcher from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.

The senior researcher Jorge Chavarro, the nutrition and epidemiology expert said,”Cesarean is undeniable are very essential method and one of most perfect procedure to keep both of mother and baby life in many case.”
Baby Which Birth With Cesarean Is More Risky For Obesity
“But, cesarean have a risk for both of mother and her baby. Our finding have prove that the risk of the obesity in kids are the one factor that should be considered,” said Jorge.

The researcher have examine data from last 16 years which involve more than 22 thousands adult in study which named Growing Up Today. The result from this research have published in Jama Paediatrics Magazine.

“Our finding have prove the difference between for the risk for babies who birth normally or through cesarean. This can become a prove that there are relation between cesarean birth with kids obesity,” said Jorge Chavarro.

Daghni Rajasignam from Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have said, “This study is very interesting because it can prove cesarean birth have related with kids obesity after calculate maternal body mass, smoking habit before pregnant and other previous medic problem like gestational diabetes.

However, this study is not included the data why cesarean is needed or other detail about give birth. “Currently at England, the rate of cesarean is about 26,2 percents. The number have increase from last 10 years and it can be explained by few factors which make the birth process have become harder than before like mother age which older or fatter than 10 years ago,” said Daghni Rajasignam.

“We should remember that in few cases, cesarean is a emergency method to safe both of mother and baby,” added Daghni.

There is require further research to clarify the mechanism which can cause this relation. There are hope, doctor can ensure pregnant mother have gain enough information about the risk and benefits from cesarean alongside with the alternative can be taken.