5 Thing To Prevent From Poisoned With Salmonella Bacteria

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ata CDC, there are about 19.000 people have entering hospital every year because salmonella bacteria contamination in our food. Salmonella can affect our bowel and can cause serious problem like dehydration due to diarrhea.

One of way to diagnose the salmonella poisoned is by through blood examination or feces. To ensure this poisonous, we should go to doctor for take some examination. These are few symptoms for salmonella poisonous,

  1. Diarrhea in row for 4 days or more
  2. Excess pain in stomach
  3. Fever followed with nauseous vomit

5 Thing To Prevent From Poisoned With Salmonella Bacteria
These symptoms are generally happen for 5 to 7 days, but if the symptoms are not get better after 4 or 5 days then you should go to doctor. To prevent this contamination become worse, ensure we have get enough liquid like water to ensure we don’t dehydration.

Babies, adults above 65 years old and people with weak body immune system could be considered salmonella poisoned as one more serious health problem because the symptoms could be worse. To avoid this infection, there are few prevention we could do every day

  1. Clean you hand with soap after using bathroom, replace baby diapers, chopping meat or fowl, cleaning pets’ dirt and touching reptiles or bird.
  2. Keeping, meat, fowl and seafood separately from other foods either in storing to processing.
  3. Using different cutting board for meat and vegetables.
  4. Taking away food which want to cook from the contaminated surface like cutting board for chopping meat.
  5. Avoid raw food which unpasteurized like half boiled egg or fresh milk.

For fresh vegetables which will make into salad, ensure it has been cleaned properly and cut it on separate cutting board with meat chopping or fowl.