5 Benefits We Gain From Coffee

Everything which is bitter is not always should be shunned. One of the bitter thing but have a lot of fan is a coffee. From a coffee, we can gain a lot of benefits.

There are few benefits which coffee can give to us,

    Strengthen our bowel
    A research to 165 thousand Dutch People who do by Dr Cisca Wijmenga and her team from University of Groningen have found that everything we have consumed would affected to our body microbiome with bowel. The most interesting is more balance our food composition it would affected to good bacterium variety inside bowel and it is a good sign.

    There are 60 kinds of food which can influence that variety of bacterium. Tea and coffee are two kinds from that 60 food list which can influence variety of our bacterium inside bowel. Both of tea and coffee can help to keep balance inside bowel. Beside tea and coffee there are yogurt and wine.
    5 Benefits We Gain From Coffee
    Reduce the risk of bowel cancer
    From the research by Dr Gad Rennert who is Director of Clalit National Israeli Cancer Control Center at Haifa, Israel have found that consume 1 or 2 cup of coffee each day have related with the decrease of risk from colon about 26 percents. Even, more coffee we drink in one day, there can decrease the risk more.

    The decrease of the risk have reach about 50 percent after consume more thant 2.5 cups of coffee per day. However, Rennert have admitted there still not found the reason why coffee can give protection from colon cancer. He have guessed that is due by caffeine but could the antioxidant inside the coffee which release when roasting process.

    Responded on this research, Susan Gapstur from American Cancer Society have remembered that coffee is not necessarily to decrease the risk of colon cancer. So, drink coffee is not prohibited but in reasonable amount.

    Reduce the risk of prostate cancer
    The researc in Tongji University at Shanghai have stated that consume coffee about two cups a day can reduce the risk of prostate cancer about 2.5 percents. If you have prostate cancer, the risk of death have decrease about 24 percents if compare with them who don’t consume coffee.

    There believed, the effect have related with contents of the The anti-inflammatory compounds inside coffee which called cafestol and kahweol. Both of that compounds have believed can prevent the growth of cancer cell.

    Reduce the risk Multiple Schlerosis
    This found is published in Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry which is journal peer-reviewed. In the 3 March 2015 edition have revealed that people who like to drink coffee would be protected from the risk of multiple schlerosis. Casuality from this finding is not clearly confirmed but there is believed the caffeine have protection affect to human brain and spinal cord.

    Prevent osteoporosis
    For this benefit, the research have do by Seoul National University Hospital have revealed that consume two cups of coffee a day can decrease the risk of osteoporosis significantly especially for women. However, the research have reminded that consume to much coffee can remove important substance inside our body like calcium.