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Our mission:

"The mission of the  HIV Consumer Council is to educate and increase understanding and awareness of who we are and to clarify HIV consumer issues. We are here to listen to the issues of persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and to be our own voice, to advocate for our own needs. We endeavor to identify gaps in HIV related services in the  area, and will help address these gaps either in legislative or local arenas. We seek to represent the diversity of those infected with HIV and are here to support each other. Although we have many faces, we have one voice."


More About us


New Discussion Web.
Use these pages to discuss issues of importance and concern to people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Schedule and Events:

bullet State wide HIV Events

"You have to know you can win
You have to think you can win
You have to feel you can win"    -- Ray Leonard --


bullet (11/5/04) Pharmacy Rejections from Pre-Authorization
bullet (11/3/04) United States Considering Cutting Funds for Global Fund HIV, TB, & Malaria


I have found thoughts and words to
be the foundation for success and failure
in life.  I'm teaching kids when to whisper
and when to shout." 
-- Diana Ross


bullet(11/04) Results of the HIV Consumer Pharmacy Satisfaction Survey
bullet(11/04) World AIDS Day 2004 - New Haven Poster
bullet(03/03)New Haven/Fairfield Counties Ryan White Title I Planning Council seeking members.  The planning council is actively looking for persons with HIV/AIDS to participate in the planning process that helps decide the Ryan White funding priorities for New Haven and Fairfield counties.
bullet(02/21) A new page for Connecticut HIV Clinical Trials


The guy who takes a chance,
who walks the line between the known
and the unknown,
who is unafraid of failure,
will succeed."
-- Gordon Parks.


bulletWant to live healthier and happier lives? Check out our new Consumer Tips page.  Featuring healthy tips and recipes for survival.
bulletWe are now mirroring an vitally important web site about anal pap smears to increase local awareness and advocacy on early detection of rectal cancers.
bulletThe  HIV/AIDS Resources Directory is now on line, and available in English and Español.
bulletConsumer Council adds Elsie Cofield to Honored Elders page.  See a short mgp movie.
bulletCaring Volunteers Needed:  Check out this page for HIV/AIDS related volunteer opportunities. 
bullet What Every Person With HIV Should Know About Wasting: Consumers talk about weight loss:  A new pamphlet designed to help consumers start thinking and doing something about unintentional weight loss.
bulletWhat Every Consumer Should know about Unintentional Weight Loss
bulletInformation about the NH/FF Ryan White Title 1 Planning Council.
bullet(12/01) Clips from New Haven World AIDS Day 2001.


bulletCooking with Tofu, adding more protein in your diet.  Recipes by Dr. Michael Kane, ND
bulletSupplementation that makes sense.  Discounts and information to help people live longer, healthier, and happy lives.  (GNHCC does not endorse or sell any products)


bulletKeynote address given by Mary Fisher at ProVisions Conference 2002.
bulletInformation about internet links, conferences, and how to contact us.

Pictures from Mayors Task Force on AIDS Annual meeting with Dr. Joycelyn Elders.


You Got Something to say to help improve the quality of life for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in the  area?  If so, click here.  We want to hear from you.


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This site  is dedicated to  all people living with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones, and for all those who could have lived a little longer if they had access to the information and health care, and support systems needed to make HIV a manageable disease.  This site is hosted by: www.keithptomlin.com

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