Newest Diabetes Medicine Have Minimize The Effect Of Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is the condition which is sugar level in our blood have decrease below the normal level or about 70 mg/dL. Its frequently cause dizziness, fainting, and even death to the patient.

Hypoglycemia is cause by the lack of the food consumption, exceeded physical activity daftar togel and exceeded consumption of medicine for decrease the blood sugar in short period. Most of the symptoms is dizziness, limp, a cold sweat, tremble and fast beating heart.

There are few type of medication for control the blood sugar level either the oral form or injection which have different way in working. Until now, metformine which working for make our cell to become more responsive to insulin have become the first line for diabetes medication.
Newest Diabetes Medicine Have Minimize The Effect Of Hypoglycemia
The newest innovation in diabetes treatment is the oral medicine which call as DPP-4 Inhibitor. This medicine have few pros than previous generation. According to dr. Benny Santosa, this medicine is working in blocking the DPP-4 enzyme for activating hormone incretine inside bowel which help pancreas the production of insulin and stop liver produce glucose. With prevented the DPP-4, incretin can be functioned more effective until the blood sugar level have been decrease.

“The medicine is very effective because it can minimize the risk of Hypoglycemia until 4 times lower than previous generation,” said dr. Benny.

Added by dr. Suria Nataatmaja, Medical Affairs Director MSD, DPP-4 like Sitagliptin have togel Singapura been proven in the research for 4 years in more than 14.000 patients that safety for patients with kidney or heart disorders.

“In many countries this medicine have been available since 3-5 years ago. But in Indonesia that is just available,” said Suria.

Sitagliptin is the new medicine which consist combination of metformine and there is enough to consume once per day so there are hope that patients would be more discipline in consume the medicine. “For the time can be anytime and there is better in similar time,” said Suria.

Otherwise, dr. Benny have reminder the importance for change the lifestyle for diabetes patients Teman 4D which is healthy diet and physical activity. “What is the medicine as long as there are not change in lifestyle, the result won’t be optimize,” said dr. Benny.

Backpain Can be Sign For This 5 Serious Problems

Backpain can be experienced by anyone. Generally it cause by sprained or tensed muscle. Backpain is frequently can be disappear by itself without need to visiting doctor. However, according to Assistant Clinical Professor in Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center, Allen Chen, MD, there are few possibility that backpain in not ordinary problem.

If you have backpain with these few problem, there are a a problem in our healthiness,

  1. Cauda Equina Syndrome
    Backpain in below part is the signal for Cauda Equina syndrome. This syndrome is the unique disorders which influence nerve roots in backbone below parts. If not handle as fast as possible, Cauda Equina sydnrome can cause disability, problem in bladder and bowel until sexual problem.
  2. Backbone Tumor
    People who backpain generally can adjust their sleeping position to lighten the pain. However, there are few people who can’t lighten the backpain after adjusting their sleeping position which will continue feel the pain all night. If that happened, then you should warning if there are possibility the tumor in backbone or infection in backbone.
  3. Heart Attack
    If you hard to identify the location of the pain in your back and happen suddenly can become the signal from heart attack. According to American Heart Association, heart attack can cause the pain which spread from chest to back. You should go to doctor soon if have that pain especially if there accompanied with blown, nausea, pain in jaw and incredible lack of fatigue.
  4. Backbone Inflammation
    Backpain can be the symptom for ankylosing spondylitis or inflammation in backbone. If the pain have feel more than 30 minutes and worsen even hard to move, you should start questioning the possibility of other problem. Don’t ignored the symptoms because it can be signal of the increase of the risk from heart disease and pain.
  5. Backbone Fracture
    The fracture of backbone can cause the pain on back. Especially if you have experience accident or diagnose with osteopenia or osteoporosis previously. The fracture of backbone can make the body posture stooped, digestion problem and hard to breath. You could be need the physical therapy after medication.

Don’t Be Wrong! This 5 Habit When Bath Can Harm Your Health

Bath is one of most important daily activity for body health. Unfortunately there are a lot of mistake about this activity. The mistakes in long time is believe that can influence the condition of the healthiness completely. Due to that, there are recommended for you understand the habit and change if your habit can harm your health.

There are few wrong habit when bath which can be affected to health.

  1. Bath Using Sponge
    Using sponge when bath to wash our skin can help us for scrape the dead skin and cleanse our body in better way. However, when you are rarely replace it it can be harmful for our health. A study which published by Epidemiology & Infection have revealed that dead skin cells which let pile up can Sbobet Mobile become the place which bacteria grow in sponge. There are not possible the bacteria have move to our skin.
  2. Don't Be Wrong! This 5 Habit When Bath Can Harm Your Health

  3. Always using Warm Water
    Although more comfortable, bath using warm water frequently can harm our skin natural humidity. In longer time, the skin would dried and have risk to become itchy. Warm water told can remove the skin natural oil in your skin. This oil is the best humidifier which need to be treated properly.
  4. Longer Bath Time, Healthier
    There are a lot of people presume that have longer bath time which spended by us would make our skin cleaner and healthier. In fact that bathing for longer time can influence our skin humidity. There are recommended to have bath not too long and as it needs.
  5. Dry The Skin With Rubbing
    When dry our body using towel, avoid to use it in a hurry and roughly. Because by using it roughly could make the skin drier. The skin healthy expert, Joel Schlessinger, MD have explained that rubbing the skin roughly with towel can make our skin irritated. There are recommended that dry the body by slapping or press with towel for ensure the water absorbed by the towel.
  6. Skin Moisturizer after Skin Dry
    If you have using moisturizer after bath is better don’t wait after body dry completely to apply it. According Schlessinger, using moisturizer as soon as possible after bath because that is the best moment that our skin pores are still opened. If you pending or wait after skin have completely dry, the moisturizer agen Sbobet won’t absorbed perfectly by our skin and the effectiveness will decrease.

Scientist Have Revealed New Organs In Human Body

The scientist have learning for long time about how human body works, but biology still keeping a lot of mystery. This newest, scientist have found a new organ inside human digestion system. In have convinced that our body is not mapped completely.

This new organ have been known previously and is not really new finding. For hundreds year this organ have been called as mesentery. The famous painter and inventor from Italy, Leonardo DaVinci have also included this part into human anatomy.

Nevertheless, for this long time, mesentery have been presume as the membrane network which fragmented with our digestion system so there is not called as organ. This assumption have become debate after Dr J. Calvin Coffey, the surgeon from Ireland have revealed the prove that mesentery is a single sustainable structure not in pieces.

According to his finding and published in The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology journal, Coffey have said that the classification for mesentery as a organ is very important. Mesenteri have connected small intestine into digestive tract. More specified, this organs have starting from pancreas, then covering small intestine and colon. Because its function is holding entrails, then without mesentery, other organs inside stomach wont working properly.

“If mesentery it not unify the stomach very well like it must, so it can disturb the blood supply. That because blood supply can stop and small intestine will necrosis or died,” said Coffey. If the scientist can prove this finding by revealing further about this uncommon function of mesentery, then it would be easier to understand how it effect with the disease.

The finding of 79th human organ would revise text books about human body anatomy which used by medical students around the world.

Have Risk For Choke, There Need Special Warning For Grape And Cherry

Fruits and vegetables have become the most ideal snacks for kids. But there are few fruits and vegetables which potential to endangered your kids when ate by kids. Like have been reported by doctors from Scotland this lately, Dr Jamie Cooper and Dr Amy Lumsden. According to them, fruits like cherry and grape have risk Teman Poker99 to cause kids to have choked when eat those fruits.

They have found the case by themselves which both of the fruits become the main cause for more than half of fatal choked case or cause the death of kids below five years old. Accidentally, grape have rank in third position for the main cause of this case when the first and second are hotdog and candy. The researcher have said that the size of grape is very ideal for deter the breath way from the kids.

This is cause by the surface of the grape is flawless and tender so it can easily get into kids body together situs poker with easily get caught in their throat. Even though, grape is one of the most favorite fruits for kids.

“The soft surface have complicated doctor when when get caught and should be handled with first aid.” explain researcher.

For the description, the researcher have said that there are few choked case which have ended with the death of the kids in Scotland. This tragic incident have occur in the 5 years old after eating a grape after coming home from school. 17 months later there are other kids died for similar reason.

“Most of the warning have been given to the small size toys, even though the similar warning label is also need in the food package,” said the researcher who is the Emergency Installation from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

For that, the researchers want the food industry have starting put some safety warning label in the products which can cause choked like write out the recommendation for cut the fruit before gave to kids. They also asking for parents for watching the kids when eaten.