The Brain Aging Process Can Be Slowed With Training

With the grow of the age, the brain function will gain the aging. The good news is the part of the aging process can be slowed with few certain trainings. The researchers from University of British Columbia in Canada have revealed that in their newest research. People who have training having a better ability to remember something that people who don’t have enough training.
The Brain Aging Process Can Be Slowed With Training
“We have found there 3 times a week having aerobatics training with medium intensity like brisk have significantly increase the cognitive function in elders with cognitive function problem due to disease which damage veins in brain,” said the researcher, Teresa Liu-Ambrose.

The adult people who get involved in the research have problem with their vein in brain. This condition is the most second factor which cause senility after Alzheimer,” said Liu.

The effect from the training to brain function in his research it not too much. However the effect which observed have been rated similar to few researches which have examine the medicine for similar problem. There still require furthermore researches for confirmed this research, however the sure is the research have added the long list for the benefit of the training.

The Alternative To Relieve Pain Without Medicine

Million of people in the world everyday should fight with pain because any disease. Most of them are not diagnose the cause. Medicines which sell freely have become mainstay to release from that pain.

The disease which frequently cause chronic pain like muscle and joint disease. Some of the disease Sbobet Mobile which found can give great pain is like rheumatism, headache, back pain and fibromyalgia.
The Alternative To Relieve Pain Without Medicine
Although the medicines can help to lessen the pain, but in fact that there are other alternative way. For some people, alternate therapy is more effective in handle the pain. Therapy can become complement from therapy medic which given by doctor.

There are few natural therapy which have been proven by researcher are effective in lessen the pain,

  • Acupuncture
    About 3 million American have every try this old and traditional Chinese therapy. All the doctor have said this therapy is safe as long as apply by competent health workers or experts.
  • Yoga
    Although many people have practice yoga as their training or using meditation but many movements in yoga have been proven effectively lessen the pain in our back. The newest research is also explain that by train yoga routinely it can decrease the risk of heart disease, depression, arthritis and prevent diabetes.
  • Massage Therapy
    Massage have a great impact for calm and relieve the pain. More than that, massage have also work effectively in lessen the pain in neck. Therapy is also can increase the life quality from cancer patients, depression and HIV/AIDS.
  • Relaxation Technique
    People with headache and migraine are very recommended to try relaxation technique like deep breath training, meditation and others
  • Training
    There are few reason why having training routinely is good for our body and health. One of that is improve our agen Sbobet body posture and lessen the pain in below part of our back.

Using Excessively, Calcium Supplement Can Give Bad Affect For Heart

Calcium is very important for our bone healthiness and we are frequently gain the calcium from milk or cheese. For someone lack of calcium it can cause bone loss or osteoporosis.

For handle this issue, there are recommended to consume more milk product or calcium supplement. However, there is also be careful to not consume the calcium in excessive amount because the newest study analyze have found the overdose of calcium supplement can destruct our heart.
Using Excessively, Calcium Supplement Can Give Bad Affect For Heart
In the report which published by Journal of the American Heart Association, the 10 years analyze from 2.700 patients have shown the relation between supplement consumption with atherosclerosis or cumulation of plague in artery.

One of the researcher dr Erin Michos from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have said that the study have proven that people should keep consulate with doctor when consuming supplement. This thing have apply to all supplement which known having side effects.

“When we use vitamin or mineral supplement, especially calcium for bone healthiness, many of us have believed that consume more would be better. But with our study we have added a prove that exceeded calcium inside supplement can damage our heart and cadiovascular system,” said dr Erin.

People who have consume calcium more than 1.400 miligram per day have found receive the risk 22 percent higher for atherosclerosis than ordinary people. The most interesting is if the calcium have consumed from food, the risk would decrease about 27 percent lower.

“There is very clear that the difference between how body respond calcium from supplement and food. This could be cause by the supplement can contain calcium salt or maybe our body can’t control the big doze in one time,” said nutrition expert John Anderson from University of North Carolina.

When Dementia Patients Must Stop Driving?

People with dementia could do everything normally including driving. However, do everything is not mean there aren’t restriction. People with dementia should be know the time when they should be stop driving.

The recently, research team from Macquarie University have do a study for find the perfect time for dementia patients must stop driving. However, the result from this situs poker research is only show the accuracy about 77 percents.
When Dementia Patients Must Stop Driving?
“There is needed many testing tool for more accurate result is the patients with dementia are safe or not to drive and at what time they should stop driving,” said one of the researcher.

Reported by Journal of the American Gerlatrics Society, this researcher from the study have analyze 28 previous study about the relation between driving and cognitive function in people with dementia. The research have also analyze the method which used by the previous study.

In the study, the team have analyze few estimation method like mental status from the participant, driving stimulation test in Teman Poker99 computer system and driving accident record. The researcher is also noticed to doctors, nurses, social workers and other experts to help the driver who have dementia to start lessen their driving in their daily activity but it is better if the patients can stop completely.

“People with dementia have risk 6 times higher to getting car accident if comparing with normal people with similar age,” said the researcher.

If Not Processed Properly, Red Meat Could Trigger Cancer

Red meat is one of our main source for protein and good iron. However, if not processed properly, red meat could trigger cancer.

According to nutrition specialist doctor from togel Singapura Kemang Medical Care Hospital, dr Verawati S SpGK, the improperly process in cooking red meat is definitely can trigger a cancer. One of that is process the meat with roast and grill.

“In the process, roasted or grilled meat can spill something to fire and then up back to the meat again. This would trigger the Hydrocarbon polycyclic aromatic or know as HPA. HPA is one of cause from cancer,” said dr Vera.

Beside that, the red meat have already contain some cancer risk if consume daftar togel in uncontrollable amount and exceeded from the safe consumption limit. This because the muscle fibers in red meat have contain a lot of corpuscle and that is very bad for our body which can also trigger cancer.

“If white meat, there is not contain a lot of corpuscle. The safest is fish,” said dr Vera.

For process the meat, compare roast or grill, dr Vera have recommended to toasted. If want to roasted or grilled there would be better if using the method in process satay. Dr Vera is also noted that we may not consume the part of meat Teman 4D which have crusty or burnt.

“Consuming the part which have crusty or burned is also can trigger cancer. There is okay if toasted but don’t be directly exposed by fire because the fat won’t be directly contacted with fire and get up again,” said dr Vera.