Scientist Have Revealed New Organs In Human Body

The scientist have learning for long time about how human body works, but biology still keeping a lot of mystery. This newest, scientist have found a new organ inside human digestion system. In have convinced that our body is not mapped completely.

This new organ have been known previously and is not really new finding. For hundreds year this organ have been called as mesentery. The famous painter and inventor from Italy, Leonardo DaVinci have also included this part into human anatomy.

Nevertheless, for this long time, mesentery have been presume as the membrane network which fragmented with our digestion system so there is not called as organ. This assumption have become debate after Dr J. Calvin Coffey, the surgeon from Ireland have revealed the prove that mesentery is a single sustainable structure not in pieces.

According to his finding and published in The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology journal, Coffey have said that the classification for mesentery as a organ is very important. Mesenteri have connected small intestine into digestive tract. More specified, this organs have starting from pancreas, then covering small intestine and colon. Because its function is holding entrails, then without mesentery, other organs inside stomach wont working properly.

“If mesentery it not unify the stomach very well like it must, so it can disturb the blood supply. That because blood supply can stop and small intestine will necrosis or died,” said Coffey. If the scientist can prove this finding by revealing further about this uncommon function of mesentery, then it would be easier to understand how it effect with the disease.

The finding of 79th human organ would revise text books about human body anatomy which used by medical students around the world.

Have Risk For Choke, There Need Special Warning For Grape And Cherry

Fruits and vegetables have become the most ideal snacks for kids. But there are few fruits and vegetables which potential to endangered your kids when ate by kids. Like have been reported by doctors from Scotland this lately, Dr Jamie Cooper and Dr Amy Lumsden. According to them, fruits like cherry and grape have risk Teman Poker99 to cause kids to have choked when eat those fruits.

They have found the case by themselves which both of the fruits become the main cause for more than half of fatal choked case or cause the death of kids below five years old. Accidentally, grape have rank in third position for the main cause of this case when the first and second are hotdog and candy. The researcher have said that the size of grape is very ideal for deter the breath way from the kids.

This is cause by the surface of the grape is flawless and tender so it can easily get into kids body together situs poker with easily get caught in their throat. Even though, grape is one of the most favorite fruits for kids.

“The soft surface have complicated doctor when when get caught and should be handled with first aid.” explain researcher.

For the description, the researcher have said that there are few choked case which have ended with the death of the kids in Scotland. This tragic incident have occur in the 5 years old after eating a grape after coming home from school. 17 months later there are other kids died for similar reason.

“Most of the warning have been given to the small size toys, even though the similar warning label is also need in the food package,” said the researcher who is the Emergency Installation from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

For that, the researchers want the food industry have starting put some safety warning label in the products which can cause choked like write out the recommendation for cut the fruit before gave to kids. They also asking for parents for watching the kids when eaten.

This Study Have Reveal That Consume White Wine Have Related With Skin Cancer Risk

White wine could be very delicious and consume by a lot of people, However, there are a warning from newest study from United States which state togel Singapura that consume white wine can increase the risk of malignant skin cancer or melanoma.

Eunyong Cho, ScD, the dermatology and epidemiology from Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University have said that alcohol is one of component that can cause few cancer disease and melanoma is the newest in that list. Wine, especially white wine can increase the risk for few times although it has only consume in small amount.

“Alcohol have known for long time as carcinogen. However the function to the spread and development from cancer daftar togel cell should be investigated. Especially to the skin cancer which don’t have direct contact with alcohol,” said Cho.
This Study Have Reveal That Consume White Wine Have Related With Skin Cancer Risk
The Cho research have been take to analyze the data from 210.252 participant. They have asked to fill the explanation about the alcohol consumption habit, the place their live and the health history.

The result from this research have publish in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomakers and Prevention journal have said that every glass of white wine which consume can increase the risk of melanoma about 14 percent. This result isn’t find in other liquor or booze like red wine or beer.

The researcher have assumed that the increase is the result from the high rate of acetaldehyde which contained Teman 4D inside the white wine. White wine is also know don’t have any antioxidant like what in red wine.

“However, there is not mean that drink beer or red wine won’t endangered. We still categorize this as one of alcohol group with its consumptions although there is not significant but can increase the risk of melanoma,” said Cho.

Teenagers In England Have Consume About 9 Kilos Sugar Each Year From Sweat Drinks

The new study which published by Cancer Research UK have reveal the data that make many expert surprised. The Researcher have found, the teenagers with age from 11 to 18 years old have given the freedom to consume sweat drinks everyday by their parents are tend to consume 235 cans per box of sugary drinks every year.

It can be described that the amount of sweat drinks have about 77 liters and can fill up the one bathtub with the contained sugar about 8,2-9 kilograms. That is not including the sugar from sweat snacks.
Teenagers In England Have Consume About 9 Kilos Sugar Each Year From Sweat Drinks
The sugar have been admitted by many medical expert as one of new toxic for human body if consume in exceeded amount. If adult have consume the amount which have been describe before, then the teenagers have consume 3 times of sugar from the recommended amount.

The more surprising is the researcher have also found the toddler starting from 18 months to 3 years old have drink sweat drinks about 70 cans per box per year either it from sweat milk, packaging fruit juice or other sweat drinks.

The exceeded consumptions of sugar have become the main cause of obesity in kids and toddler. Obesity have been related with the decrease of mental and physical health like confident, diabetes type 2, stunted growth and some have risk for cancer.

Because obesity have been define as disease, so parents have recommended to take prevention step to make kids stay away from the habits which directed to the increase of exceeded weight.

Allison Cox, the researcher from Cancer Research have said that the study have covered soft sugary drinks, juice, energy drinks, sweat tea, coffee, milk and sports drinks. She have recommended for the government to starting consider the tax for sweat and sugary drinks to press the consumptions especially kids.

Psoriasis Patients Should Stop Consume Alcohol

To lessen the symptoms and supporting the treatment, psoriasis patients should have healthy eat style. One of stuffs that should be avoided and prohibited is consume the drinks which contain alcohol.

Dr. Zairida Noor, Ms, SpGK from RSCM/FKUI have said that few research have prove that consume alcohol can trigger psoriasis. “The patient which have consume alcohol continuously when have psoriasis therapy have greater chance of the therapy would be failed. So, there is not only lessen agen Sbobet but prohibited,” said Zairida.
Zairida explain that the contents inside alcohol can interact with the psoriasis drugs which can failed the therapy. Beside alcohol, there are few foods which can trigger that auto immune disease which attack human skin.

However, according to Dr Zairida that is very individualist. Seafood as the example, there are few person can have psoriasis by consuming seafood especially for person who have allergy to seafood like shrimp and squid. Those foods have also greater chance for increase cholesterol which can bring out red mark in psoriasis patient skin.

Consume too many chili or condiment is also suspect can trigger psoriasis. For handle it, psoriasis patients are recommend to write every food which after consumed have trigger psoriasis. As the example, if every consume condiment or chili have the psoriasis symptoms then patients should minimize the chili or the best is avoid to consume it.

Surely, according to Zairida, psoriasis patients should consume food with good nutrition balancing. Don’t get overweight Sbobet Mobile because can worsen psoriasis. Psoriasis is chronic inflammation which attack skin and have auto immune. Generally, psoriasis have signed with red mark in skin and dry like scaly. Psoriasis can appear in every part of body depending on the type and its severity level.