Fats is Not As Bad As We Presume, Here are Its Benefits

Fats have been always presume as bad thing for our body and health. So, there are a lot of people who try to remove fats from their daily food. This thing have been considered as the best way to prevent obesity and cardiovascular disease.

But, according to senior researcher and nutrition Sbobet mobile expert in from Fonterra, Elisabeth Weichselbaum, fat is not as bad as we think. Precisely, fat have contributed in providing function for health.
Fats is Not As Bad As We Presume, Here are Its Benefits
“All expert have agree that fat is one of important part form healthy diet and there are untrue if we have blame fat as the harmful component,” said Elisabeth.

Elisabeth have revealed that fat have function to help body in absorb A,D, E and K vitamin. Without fat, the benefit from all those vitamins can’t received by our https://www.temanjudi.com body. Beside that, fat have also help in maintain healthy body weight. The existence of the fat have been rated as the helpful component in fulfill our body nutrition requirement. For kids, fat have been needed for growth and can be gained from daily milk.

“Kids have been suggested to drink full fat milk because it contain high energy. That is very needed for growth,” said Elisabeth.

According to Elisabeth, the assumption about fat can make someone obesity is only the myth. Obesity have happening due to the amount of calories inside body is more that our needed for daily activity. She also deny the assumption about saturated fat is bad fat which have give bad affect to cardiovascular.

Few experts have also disagree with view about saturated fat is bad fat. According to advance research, saturated fat have neutral agen Sbobet characteristic and not have any impact to cardiovascular. The research have prove that milk with fat related with decrease of stroke risk, diabetes, hypertension and metabolic syndrome.

However, there is not mean that fat should be increased and become exceeded. There should be consumed in a adequate amount for perfect result.

The Importance From Holiday For Husband Before And After Wife Give Birth

There is very normal for every working woman to have breaks from their work before and after gave birth. However, don’t ever that breaks from work before and after wife give birth is also important for husband.

Clinical psychology from Three Generation Clinic, Sri Juwita Kusumawardhani MPsi have said that there were very important for husband have gain breaks before and after his wife gave birth. The goal is for giving support to wive.
The Importance From Holiday For Husband Before And After Wife Give Birth
“When give a birth, the mother should receive a support to through the birth process. After give birth, wife physical condition won’t recover soon,” said dr Wita. According to dr Wita, there should be wise if husband have accompany his wife to help in take care the baby and give support for wife. The support from husband can become additional energy for mother.

“There is mean that breaks for husband is not important for wife but also for their baby. Related to baby, with have a break, father can get along in take care the baby,” said the woman who have practice in advance psychology clinic at University of Indonesia.

With that, child can learn that they main nanny is not mother but also father. Beside that, when child have close relation with father there are positive effect for kids. The example is, they would be more confident and have a figure to be followed.

Talking about mother maternity breaks, Wita have revealed that the duration from maternity leave which longer can help mother would closer. With this, mother would be easier in understanding the metabolism rhythm and baby habit. Beside that with longer breaks, mother can reduce her stress level which have great influence in her breast milk producing.

“When mother have worked, stress could be increase either from the workload, relation with boss or other colleagues and the trip which mother spend from going to work till go back home with tend to be very exhausting,” said Wita

This Is the Risk If Patient With Diabetes Don’t Control They Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Diabetes mellitus is a disease which can’t transmit to other person but categorize as dangerous disease. Not only cause by the case which have increase year from year but also the complication risk will occur due to diabetes.

Prof Sidartawan Soegondo, SpPD-KEMD, Proffeson for internal medicine from Medical Faculty of University of Indonesia have said that diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cholesterol is one unity disease which attack our metabolic system. If we only maintain our blood sugar rate, the risk or blood vein complication in other place situs poker would increase.

“If patient with diabetes have only maintain their blood sugar, it would only decrease the risk of microvascular complication. The microvascular have including a neuropathy and retinopathy nerves complication,” said Prof Sidartawan.
This Is the Risk If Patient With Diabetes Don't Control They Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
The controlled blood sugar can decrease the risk of neuropathy nerves malfunction and sight disorders like diabetic retinopathy. However, the other complication risk like heart, kidney and blood vein will occur as long ass the cholesterol and blood pressure is not controlled.

“This name is microvascular, blood pressure and cholesterol. So, the tension and lipid should be also maintained too. There is not only blood sugar only but must all of three components,” said Prof Sidartawan.

The similar thing have also explain by dr Sugito Wonodirekso, PKK, DK from United of Indonesia Family Doctor. In diabetes management, patients Teman Poker99 are only educated about the dangerous of hyperglycaemia by also hypoglycaemia.

At hear, the role of family doctor is very important because they not only treat patient but also giving education about how to keep and maintain this disease to prevent it get worsen and avoid complication klik website.

“Diabetes is very dangerous because the risk of complication could attack every part of our body from below to above. From brain can have stroke, eyes have diabetic retinopathy, step down little is have heart coroner, kidney and fat accumulation in liver. There also still have impotence and wound in feet. So it is need comprehensive treatment,” said dr Sugito.

Not Make Fresh, Having More Sleep Time In Weekend Have Us Sluggish

There nothing gain from adding our sleeping time at the weekend. There are a lot of people still presume that adding sleeping time at weekend to replace the losing time in working day. But for the sleeping time there is not very easy.

Research team from Karolinska Institute, Sweden have claimed that adding sleeping time at Saturday or Sunday could endanger our health. The effects can be receive by our body which the most general case is more fatique than we don’t have slept.
Not Make Fresh, Having More Sleep Time In Weekend Have Us Sluggish
“The key in one our circadian rhythm. So if you have sleep at late night. This will make you have some of jet lag,” said one of the researcher Susanna Jernelov who is also a psychologist. Jernelov have also explain about if someone have continously sleep late night or adding sleeping time in weekend, the can disturb our sleeping time. Even according to Jernelov, although it has only do once, adding sleeping time can cause jet lag which mean we will looks more tired and unfit.

The claim from Susanna Jernelov have also approved by sleeping expert from University of Bergen, Norway, Bjorn Bjorvatn. “You should be have wake up and leave the bed in similar time every day, that is the key,” said Bjorvatn.

If this have been disturb, it means someone have suddenly awake in middle or night, the rhythm would change. When it have change, there are need a lot of time to make it back to normal. Moreover if it have happen frequently and continuously.

Last year, The study which have published in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism have also connect between sleeping in weekend with the high risk of diabetes and heart disease to people who continuously do it.

This risk have cause by the change of sleeping format can influence fat levels of triglycerides and good cholesterol in blood. When you sleeping format have change, triglycerides could increase and decrease good cholesterol. People with changing sleeping time have also tend to increase body weight.

Zika Also Can Distribute Through Tears

Alongside the distribution of zika virus in Southeast Asia countries, a research in United States have found another facts about zika which can live in human tears. Michael Diamond, professor in Washington University School of Medicine at St Louis have revealed his found after doing few trials at mice.

This trial have been presume to reveal why few patients have get eye disease and in few cases have ended with blindness. The research have been published in Cell Reports Journal and studying about the effect from zika virus in mouse starting from fetus till adult.
Zika Also Can Distribute Through Tears
“The study have show that eyes can become the resevoir for zika,” said Diamond. “We need to consider if people with zika can transmit the virus to their eyes and how long it be there,” continue Diamond.

According to note from this research there is reveal that patient can transmit the virus through their tears. Currently, all the researcher have plan to do another research including to take human which have infected by zika in their trial.

Zika have been know as the disease which give light affect like fever in almost people but if transmitted to pregnant mother it could cause large possibility for babies get born with microsefalus or brain volume disorder.

All the researcher have reveal about one of third babies which infected with zika in fetus can cause eyes disorder like inflammation of the optic nerve, retina malfunction or blindness. In adult people, zika can cause conjunctivitis which also known as pink eyes. In few case which rarely occur, there also found out uveitis, the condition which eyes have inflammation. This can cause the lose of permanent sight.